Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Grim Shit

Am having a glass of wine. Will probably have another.

It is 33 degrees but I've got the windows open and the incense burning.

Since I've lived in this apartment, 3 people have died in the building (that I know of). This was the first one I smelled. Needless to say, you might want to skip this post. Personally, I've gotta vomit this out.

I noticed the smell yesterday morning. As I left my apartment, it hit me. It mostly just smelled like excrement. As I was leaving, I saw one of the supers talking to my neighbor. She was complaining about the smell, so I assumed, like an asshole, that it was being taken care of.

It still stank when I got home, even in my apartment a little bit, but I got used to it and figured whatever it was, it was just taking awhile to dissipate.

It woke me up at 4 this morning. At first I thought one of the kittens had taken a squat on my pillow, but then I remembered the smell from before. Whatever it was, it was getting worse and it was not going away.

Seeing that there was clearly no point in contacting the ever helpful super, I called the landlord directly as I walked to the subway this morning. Just before, I'd taken the elevator down with two of my neighbors, both of whom were carrying on quite dramatically, yelling that it smelled like a dirty diaper up in this house. So, I knew it wasn't just me and my oversensitive self.

To my shock, the landlord answered, and we proceeded to have a semi-annoying conversation where I informed him of the wretched smell that was worsening by the hour. In my head, I'd surmised that a.) a sewage pipe was broken, b.) someone had stuffed some of that super stank cheese under an unused door, or c.) something or someone was dead. Unfortunately I've smelled that smell before...never to that degree, though. Mom will remember the ill fated mouse in the pantry...and everyone who lived in Wichita before the 1990s remembers the horrors of the beef processing plant. The smell was otherworldly. You'd plan a BBQ and that vile shit would waft in and make all that fresh, crackling meat look like 10 pounds of rotten dog shit.

Which is mostly what this smelled like.

FUCK. Forgive my mouth, but this really calls for a FUCKFUCKFUCK.

The landlord said he noticed it yesterday, too, and assured me that it was probably someone cooking broccoli. Broccoli. Yeah. I informed him that this was not broccoli (unless it was simmering in a diarrhea soup) and that something needed to be done immediately. And I guess something happened while I was at work today.

I met a gentleman on the elevator who informed me that it was Kevin in 2A who had died on Thursday. Grim grim grim grim grim. Grim.

Maybe I've had enough exposure to death and dead bodies...I am unhappy that this is what I have been smelling, but to be honest, the part that bothers me more than anything is the idea that this gentleman died on Thursday and it was nearly a week later when he was found...and only then because his body's natural course told the tale. Grim shit, indeed. Note to my small--but deeply loved and valued--circle of friends and family: Make sure you know where my ass is at least every other day. And if you don't hear from me, for God's sake CHECK IN.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay. We have both had some grim shit this week.
Good God! Incidently, several weird things went on at school today.

10:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTW; the meat processing plants? They still emit a terrible stench from time to time.

Especially in the Summer.

10:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, you keep an eye on my ass too ladies. =)

5:17 PM  

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