Monday, December 29, 2008

NYC Transit Isn't Always a Vomit Inducing Horror Show

I went with mom to LaGuardia this morning. The skycap and mom's attendant were both very professional and helpful. The rest? Well. What can I say? Far too many people working at any of the three major NYC airports can only be described as dillholes. This can be extended to quite a few MTA bus drivers, as well, considering the range of blank dismissiveness building up to open hostility I've experienced over the years. Am happy to report that the Q33 remains consistent with the stony-silence-behind-sunglasses douchebaggery. YAY.

We took a car--this is the best route: it takes 30-40 minutes from my apartment and offers a lovely view of Manhattan island. I kind of guessed my way home, first catching the Q33, which was actually one of the those old-fashioned buses with the pull cord and everything.

Also, here is a nice shot of the obligatory brown juice in the primo seats next to the back doors. Piercing hate lasers at those of you who enjoy leaving your "mark" on public transit.

I caught the E Express at the Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Avenue hub in Queens. The bus ride is plodding (but interesting: lots of great houses to moon over) but the trip into Manhattan is amazingly fast. If I'd been more observant, I'd have jumped onto the D train at 7th avenue, but I was spacing out and missed it, so I decided to just wait it out until West 4th. From West 4th I took the D into Brooklyn, all the way to 36th street, transferred to the R, and made it to Bay Ridge (86th street) with my whole face intact. I took a stroll over to Citibank, decided to get some lunch and that's when I checked the clock: two hours! But I guess you can't beat $2 versus $45 for a car service. Sigh.
I might try it for real the next time I travel, though the screaming meemie that demands all things to be clean would certainly shudder in horror to have to roll my bag through the sticky rivers that track through the subway cars. Gooey!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had lots of fun dragging my bags all over Manhattan this Summer. You know I'll do anything to save a buck.

3:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh no,I'm fully planning to take public transit from JFK to my hotel next week.....MUST CHECK ROUTE WITH YOU!

9:07 PM  

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