Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day Four, I Throw My Bronze Medal on the Floor and Scream Like a Six Year Old

Dear Fool,
Girl, how many bananas is too many bananas? Why didn't you leave me anything to eat in your office? I've been through all the drawers and even found that device. Why do you force me to know of your secret life?
Sushi is super delish, but it is made mostly of whipped fish meringue. Sushi and a banana, a starchy lunch feast. Of course I was hungry one hour later. I was reminded of long ago, when you worked here, and declared you were on your 12th lunch of the day, usually at 11 am. *sigh* Even so, I didn't eat the second banana. Imagine what might have happened.
Why must they profile us, girl? You missed the deadline. It is tomorrow. Tomorrow you'll still be on a beach somewhere, probably half pickled, reading some library book. I turned mine in with a copy of this special picture of me and sealed with a sticky, chewed wad of Hubba Bubba.
I have nothing else to add. I'm dry eyed and square jawed about the situation, but I'm definitely wavering on my resolve. Is this really happening? You might need to call me, kitten, and talk me down a little.
A-frame Hugz followed by Purell,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This one is beyond me. Pleze explain Lucy. Yo mamma is lost GF.

4:52 PM  

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