Friday, October 31, 2008

Twee Faces of Hope

If you want to have a complete hysterical breakdown, why don't you go here?

Everything that has happened up to this point has basically put just about everyone on a thin edge; we're all a little raw by now, so I suppose it's kind of a sweet relief to see something this simple. Does it pander? Yeah, but it isn't something either of the candidates can escape. You gotta kiss those slobbery babies. For some reason, though, I trust this guy. He seems like he might actually see the baby. Like, hey, you are a person and I don't want to do things that destroy your wee future.

Maybe I'm just being a pushover. Sue me.

There are lots of little doofs in there, all drooling and clueless to the posterity of the event: "I am being held by the Future President." It's the kids that get to me. You can go the cynical route and believe that it is all just starstruck simplicity, but look at the complicated little face below. How many emotions and thoughts can you read? Anxiety, adoration, struck, sure...but there's more, too, don't you think? See what you want, I guess, but it is a look that deserves some consideration. It's loaded with meaning, whatever nuances you may fine, and dare I say hope? You betcha, real America.

Which, I must say, is ALL of America. Not that it needs to be said. Some political missteps are simply described: Persistent Idiocy. Shame on you, McCain campaign.


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