Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Favorite Thanksgiving Memories

--Grandma’s Cooking: turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cranberry sauce with can-shape
--First Thanksgiving I can remember: My cousin Alicia crying the entire day…she was NOT having the Thanks, thanks
--My cousin Jason, who only ever wanted turkey and nothing else
--Black olives on every finger, wielding them at the adults, yelling commences
--The family, all together and alive. I miss my grandparents.

The Cuteness Doth Overload

Give thanks for miniyappers and their wee complaints and watch this video now, thanks to Cute Overload. The little grrr yaps notwithstanding, hold out for those masterful splits of indignation. If you’re still a sad sap in the office, remember to screech into your elbow, much like you should when you’re coughing swine flu.

Obviously Thankful for Congress

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So Thankful for The Amazing Race

Though it’s hard to root for anyone in these last legs of the race. It seems like everyone has pulled some shady shit…though there are standouts. I once was a big fan of the gay bros, Sam and Dan, but then they started to show ass by not just bickering, but screeching at each other like a couple of Pomeranians on a hunk of pork. Evidenced here:

The raging ass screams while the other does the work.

The other stops the work to screech back.

The obvious is stated.

But then, next episode, they just went too far. Scream it, sister, but those bitches are still stealing your damn cab.

Eurocabbies cannot be trusted. They are liars and co-conspirators.

So I’m hoping the Globetrotters win it all.

And on this Thanksgiving, don’t forget to…


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