Thursday, June 25, 2009


All of the preliminary reviews for Transformers 2 have been nothing short of meh, verging on disdainful. Major sighs of disgust.

In the first movie, I was sadly relieved when the uncomfortable stereotyped "Jazz" character was killed off. Even with the justification that they learned to speak human via the radio, hence justifying the embarrassingly out of date "hood" speak of the irritating Jazz, it was clearly too over the top and grating.

Now, it seems, Michael Bay simply cannot resist the lure of stereotyping even more disastrously, this time worse, with gold teefs to boot. Jesus CHRIST, Michael Asshole Bay, does no one help you understand the world and the reality of the world that surrounds you?

Of course, it seems the racism is only part of the problem. I could seriously cry. If you have something as awesome and righteous as the FUCKING TRANSFORMERS to create for all the world to enjoy, wouldn't you think the first priority would be to make it completely and unabashedly awesome? *GIANT* sighs of disgust.

I will still see it. But if I come out of the theater crying and windmilling just to hurt anyone as much as I hurt inside, only Michael Bay and his stupid idiot ego are to blame.


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