Saturday, March 21, 2009

Things I Love Right Now

Role Models

It features puerile, testosterone-infused comedy, Kiss, severe perversion, and dirty shenanigans in the presence of minors. “Let’s dance, Ben Affleck!”

“All of My Life” by Stephen Bishop

I watched and rewatched this music montage part of Tootsie today. Look, I know it is wrong. I just can’t help myself.

“Masculinity defined in 14 seconds"

...courtesy of FourFour. It’s funny because it’s true.


Thanks a million (meeeellionss!) to Dave and Ruth for this lovely piece of chicken. Is it not prosh?

Stephen Colbert’s Hot Shmeat

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This Guy

His name is Sergio Parisse. I know little else, except he looks like Brando. Holy GOD IN HEAVEN.

Crabtree and Evelyn

...specifically, Nantucket Briar. I’ve been luxuriating in Savannah Gardens all weekend. Thank God for bonuses and tax returns. Otherwise I’d be a sad bitch.

Jeff Goldblum on Criminal Intent

He had me at Jurassic Park and Independence Day. I am kind of way overexcited about his weirdness mixing in with the D’Onofrio weirdness that already exists. LOVE!


Blogger Thebloodyex said...

Hey... great clock! :) Seriously, we're glad you like it. It looks great on the wall!! Ruth wanted to mention she loves the kitty pics from earlier posts, though now apparently she thinks ours *cough cough -- ye gods it pains me to say that* is jealous that she looked at other cats. How does Ruth know? Don't ask me, I'm the one who doesn't speak cat. ;)

7:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there Davy Wavy Gravy!!! You have a cat? Wow. Love Ya, Linda

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

D'Onofrio and Goldblum! I don't need a boyfriend!

That is a fabulous cock!

5:23 PM  
Blogger Shiny said...

O my lord in heaven. I am going to assume you meant CLOCK.

8:52 PM  

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