Monday, March 30, 2009

Kittens! Got New Toys from Gramma

And they love them! Thanks, Gramma!

Oh Lord, am I really talking like this? Am I, alas, a maniac?

Playing it shy.

But starting to get the drift.

Will you Look. At. That. Belly. LOOK AT IT.

Awwww, another belly!

Death Fang from Below!!

Snugglebug drools up the new octopus with magical crinkly arms.

Hey, some videos! First, Mr. Jack O'Lantern and his proshness.

Then the beebles falling for the old swish-swish-swish trick, thereby making themselves dizzy. Fooles!

And finally, this is how they spend a great deal of time mooning at each other. He trills at her like a little birdie, and she drops on his head like a beclawed cannonball.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beebles having fun! So wonderful when a gift is approved of so gratifyingly. Grandma is happy.

9:05 AM  

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